Meeting of the Minds

Each month during the program, Fellows participate in a multi-day experience focusing on challenges facing Maui Nui. Known as Hālāwai, these meetings offer diverse and varied perspectives on pertinent topics. Hālāwai topics change from year to year. Below are some examples past Hālāwai experiences.

Hālāwai  1

Ka Ipu Kukui Values & Vision – New Beginnings

“What is a great Maui Nui Leader and what values should that leader live by?” Fellows were asked to look at their own leadership style and competencies and what it will take for them to be the type of leader Maui County needs. Experiential activities throughout the year will have the theme of “exploring possibilities” and provide Fellows an awareness of Maui County’s complex present-day challenges and opportunities.

Hālāwai  2

Identifying Maui Nui’s Assets for Good Decision Making

This session explores questions like What are the unique assets of Maui? How can we identify and leverage Maui County’s overlooked and undervalued assets? How can we leverage our intellectual property, social capital, multicultural diversity and culture, geographic location, tropical and beautiful climate, and the numerous environmental assets? What happens when we bring Maui County’s leadership assets together?

Hālāwai  3

The Importance of Relationships and “Social Capital”

The intent of this hālāwai is to strengthen our community and reinvigorate civic leadership by engaging and networking energetic individuals with diverse experiences. In this session participants will have hands-on experience exploring case studies of great “social capital” examples and be able to clarify the definition of social capital and how it had an impact. Fellows are asked to take a closer look at their own unique skills in building social capital and reflect on their experiences in the community.

Hālāwai  4

Great Leaders – 5 Choices to Leadership Greatness

Because we want our future Maui leaders to be exceptional leaders who are able to connect the efforts of others and tap not only their full potential but also the potential of others and live the foundational values embraced by this program, we will leverage from organizations that are known for developing leaders. Participants will be given the opportunity to experience FranklinCovey’s flagship leadership development program.

Hālāwai  5

Planning for Community in Paradise

A look into planning the future for Maui – the planning process and permit approval – working with the process and looking to ways for enhancement. How can we incorporate the needs for infrastructure, education, water, energy, healthcare, our environment, and culture.

Hālāwai  6

Agriculture & Economic Sustainability in Maui County

Fellows will spend two days touring various agricultural farms and sites within Maui County. There will be an agriculture panel discussion with representatives from local farms and organizations to engage in active discussions focused on agriculture and economic sustainability. On the second day, a Small Business panel will be mediated by a local organization to discuss topics faced by small business owners in Maui County.

Hālāwai  7

Local Governance

This session creates an awareness of the complex political process at the state level and how it impacts us at the County level. Participants will be exposed to Maui County’s unique political climate, spending a day at the County being exposed to the various departments and services provided to Maui County residents. The Fellows will also visit the capitol in Honolulu to observe the legislature, a committee hearing in session, and enjoy “talking story” with the Maui Delegation.

Hālāwai  8

Maui’s Tourism, Economic Development, & Partnerships

This hālāwai starts off with a discussion about the impact of tourism on Maui County. A visit to various Maui organizations and businesses will illustrate the support and infrastructures we have in place for our visitor industry, complete with a behind the scenes tour of a premier hotel. On the second day, Fellows continue their exposure to hospitality and tourism industry leaders with discussions on infusing the Hawaiian culture into all that they do. The day ends with a panel discussion involving Maui’s Best Entrepreneurs sharing their business strategies for success.

Hālāwai  9

The Interdependence of Water

This session is dedicated to the topic of Maui’s Water. It will introduce the concept of ecosystem sustainability by highlighting the interdependence of water, land, and people. Sustainable growth and development on Maui must be grounded in a holistic, comprehensive and integrated planning and stewardship model. Current thinking suggests using a sustainable watershed management system in which the watershed is the unit of management and its sustainability is the management goal. Based on the traditional Hawaiian land-management system known as the ahupua`a, this model focuses on maintaining land and water quality, as well as economic and social balance. Fellows will have the opportunity to meet and dialogue with experts in the field, tour the wastewater treatment plant, and explore the coral reef ecosystem.

Hālāwai  10

Graduation – A Time for Reflection, Appreciation, Celebration, and a Look to the Future

This will be the day of new beginnings and a time to celebrate and share accomplishments with sponsors, employers, family, and friends. Each participant invites their sponsor, employer, or a significant person who has supported them over the past year to a reception of celebration and sharing. Participants are asked to prepare and present a presentation on the most memorable experience over the past year and how the program has impacted their lives.

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